Improve Your Online Presence: LinkedIn Optimization Guide

Improve Your Online Presence: LinkedIn Optimization Guide

Improve Your Online Presence: LinkedIn Optimization Guide

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With 500+ million global business users, LinkedIn has changed the landscape for personal and business communication. The old mentality used to be that LinkedIn’s use was limited to job seeking; today, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to interact and share information with cross-industry professionals.  Still, scores of professionals don’t have profiles set up, and many existing profiles are substandard, missing out on an opportunity to portray a professional in the best possible light.

The team at &Marketing knows the importance of LinkedIn and is excited to share tips to improve your online presence and help your company connect with an online community. In this one-page optimization guide, &Marketing identifies key areas of the LinkedIn profile and shares 12 quick tips on improving your profile. After reading, you’ll understand:

  • The value of an updated LinkedIn profile to you and your company
  • How to create an authentic and influential LinkedIn profile
  • Key areas to improve and optimize your LinkedIn
  • & more!


Looking for additional tips on better communicating with other business professionals? We can help. &Marketing combines the power of strategy and execution to help deliver engaging content and share information with an online audience.

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