Webinar Recap: Keys to Authentic Social Selling on LinkedIn

Webinar Recap: Keys to Authentic Social Selling on LinkedIn

Webinar Recap: Keys to Authentic Social Selling on LinkedIn

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Although the game of building relationships has not changed, the rules have. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, many business relationships are formed online. The dominant social media lifeline for B2B professionals to build those relationships is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn grew to over 740 million active users in 2020, and in Q2 of 2021, their revenue increased 23% year over year. Also in the second quarter of this year, hours spent on LinkedIn doubled compared to 2020, indicating that the rise in popularity isn’t just a pandemic novelty, With the addition of features like LinkedIn Stories, the platform has grown beyond just a networking site to a full-blown social media platform.

Utilizing LinkedIn to build rapport and sell authentically through developing relationships, providing value, and gaining potential customer’s confidence can make you a leader in your field.

Bill McCormick of Social Sales Link has been teaching people like you how to grow their business by leveraging the power of LinkedIn for social selling so they can start more sales conversations. Bill joined &Marketing’s Founder and Managing Director, Rajat Kapur, for a webinar on “Keys to Authentic Social Selling on LinkedIn”.

Keys to Authentic Social Selling on LinkedIn

During this interactive webinar, Bill and Rajat talked about:

  • What exactly social selling is and why it’s important.
  • What selling authentically through social media is, and what it is not.
  • How to “earn” the right to have a conversation on LinkedIn.
  • How to build the know, like, trust factor with a new connection.

Catch the recap of “Keys to Authentic Social Selling on LinkedIn” below!

 About Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick discovered the power of LinkedIn and social selling when he and his wife started their advertising specialty company. After successfully and consistently bringing on new clients by leveraging LinkedIn to build relationships and deliver value, he joined Social Sales Link as their CSO to teach others how to grow their businesses the way he grew theirs.

 About Rajat Kapur

As the Founder and Managing Director of &Marketing, Raj strives to provide growing businesses of all sizes unparalleled marketing strategy and execution services. Raj brings two decades of professional experience in marketing, sales, and strategy development experience spanning B2B and B2C Fortune 50, mid-sized, and startups.

 About &Marketing U

&Marketing U is a modern marketing course for busy solopreneurs and one-person marketing departments. This course provides all of the marketing tools, education, and accountability you need to grow your business, all in one place and for a fraction of the cost of hiring an agency or new employees.

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In today’s fast paced world, many growing businesses are struggling to modernize their marketing approaches because either they don’t have the expertise or the bandwidth to do it themselves.

&Marketing provides seasoned marketing strategy professionals and a nimble execution team to help our clients achieve their goals. Our unique partnership model allows us to augment our client’s existing teams or outsource the entire marketing function in an affordable, flexible, and transparent way.