Marketing Planning & Execution

The comprehensive blueprint for all of your marketing activities.


Single Point of Contact

Focused Project Management

Synced Marketing Execution

Value Proposition


Single Point of Contact

Focused Project Management

Synced Marketing Execution

Value Proposition



What is Marketing Planning & Execution?

Marketing Planning & Execution is the essential blueprint that houses and directs all of your marketing activities and tracks the results of your efforts.

The best-laid plans never succeed if they aren’t put into action.

You know you need a plan for how marketing can be leveraged to grow your business. You also know you need to execute all of that work you put into strategizing, because without execution you can’t get results.

Why does execution fail to happen so often? Usually for two reasons:

  • Teams don’t have enough hands or the right skill sets to perform the activities that have been planned.
  • No one single person is directing traffic and keeping the trains of marketing activity moving on time.

&Marketing takes the time to prioritize both planning and execution in a way that’s organized, streamlined, and measurable.

What Marketing Planning & Execution Services Can Do For Your Business Growth

At &Marketing, the execution phase is managed by one single point of contact who ensures all components of marketing activity are working in sync and aligned to your success metrics. This person has the visibility of all moving pieces and their status so you can watch that plan come to fruition.

One of our marketing managers will collaborate with you to provide deliverables on time and take the pulse of a project or workflow at any given moment. You will always know what marketing is being executed and why. This level of collaboration will keep you informed of project deliverables and insights on all decision making.

Your Marketing Manager will provide you with:

  • Punctual project submissions
  • Focused management of dedicated specialists
  • Fast troubleshooting & accurate activity tracking
  • Comprehensive reporting of marketing tactic performance aligned with your goals
  • Availabilty & flexiblity to adapt and pivot when unexpected but necessary changes occur

Why We Use Marketing Planning & Execution

Marketing Planning & Execution isn’t just an excuse to put everything in a spreadsheet. Our methodology ensures checks and balances are in place so every element of your growth strategy is constantly working toward your unique business goals.

When you have one person dedicated to all of the moving pieces, those pieces are more likely to end up in the most impactful place possible. Get all of the benefits of a versatile and dynamic marketing team with one point of contact and no employee overhead when you use &Marketing as your outsourced marketing solution for both planning and execution.

How We Implement Marketing Planning & Execution

&Marketing takes your company vision and goals to create a cohesive, concrete marketing plan and then leverages corresponding marketing activities to achieve those goals and bring your brand’s vision to life. Some of these tactics include:

  • Content calendars as a hub for all marketing activity
  • Social media & influencer marketing to reach new audiences and engage followers
  • Newsletters & email marketing to maintain regular outreach to existing audience base
  • Technical tools for project management and file-sharing to ensure seamless collaboration
  • Regular project status meetings or working sessions to move through or around roadblocks and barriers

How to Create a Marketing Execution Plan for your Business

Developing and executing a powerful marketing plan takes time in the beginning, but isn’t as daunting as it seems.

Ready to get started with marketing planning and execution? &Marketing will put those plans to work in just 5 simple steps:

  • Assign one person to own your execution calendar and notify your cross-functional team of this calendar as the single source of planning and execution.
  • Decide what success looks like for your goals and how that success will be measured.
  • Select the marketing tactics to be executed in order to achieve that vision and identify your success metrics.
  • Document the results of each execution phase and adjust your activity as needed.
  • Check in often, track your progress, and celebrate the wins.

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