Designing & Launching A Customer Advisory Council [Free Ebook]

Written By Rajat Kapur

On November 5, 2018

In a dynamic, complex business world, many leaders are asking how they can improve true customer intimacy and better understand the direction of their industries.

One excellent way to solve these issues is through a Customer Advisory Council.  

A Customer Advisory Council (CAC) is a method for drawing deeper, more unfiltered insight into the wants, needs, and opinions of customers and prospects. A CAC creates formal and informal interactions of a company’s top customers or prospects to provide a platform for them to deliver open and honest feedback.

The specific elements of a Customer Advisory Council, such as format, style, length, and location, are entirely dependent on an individual company’s objectives and resources.

&Marketing has extensive experience in creating, planning, and facilitating Customer Advisory Councils for small companies through global conglomerates in a variety of industries.  The goal of this eBook is to provide a framework for companies considering launching their own Customer Advisory Council.

In this free eBook, you will learn:

  • The benefits of hosting a Customer Advisory Council

  • Why your customers should participate (What’s in it for them?)

  • Where to start: How to launch a customer advisory council, including the format, invite lists, and setting an intriguing agenda.  

  • How a successful customer advisory council works: dos and don’ts

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