Top 7 Tips For Tackling Social Media In 2020

Written By Beth McDonough

On December 30, 2019

2019 brought no shortage of changes to our favorite social media platforms along with the surprising rise of some new players. Our social media experts have combed through all of the major updates, studied, the trends, and analyzed what’s coming in the new year. Here are our top 7 tips for tackling social media across B2B and B2C in 2020. Plus, don’t miss our complete &Marketing 2020 Social Media Playbook so you can set your growing business up for success on social.

1. Join the Huddle

Leverage Facebook Groups 

As Facebook continues to experience a plateau in growth and an exodus of younger generations from the platform, they must rediscover their purpose in people’s lives. By putting Groups at the forefront of the user experience, Facebook believes community will be re-established on a platform that has begun to function as an advertising hub. Unlike Facebook Pages, where your audience may be there simply for promotions and discounts, Facebook Groups are genuinely interested and more engaged in a specific topic. This presents an opportunity for businesses to join conversations within your niche— staying relevant with existing fans and reaching new ones. Taking part in these discussions can also prove your status as an expert in your field.

2. Try New Plays

A/B test with Facebook’s New Ad Platform

You’ve likely been using Facebook’s existing ad platform for your business, but now they’re taking a page out of Google’s responsible ad playbook. Facebook’s new responsible ad feature is officially dubbed “Multiple Text Optimization,” and it’s essentially an upgrade to the A/B testing tool you are already familiar with. The new feature should make it easier to create and optimize different options for headlines, ad copy, and product descriptions so you can make the best choices for your campaigns.

3. Get Your First Draft Pick Ready

Reach Gen Z with New Platforms like TikTok

Facebook began as a social media website only college students could use to connect with roommates, classmates, and others using only a college email address to sign up. WIth the demographics of Facebook changing, Gen Z consumers are looking for a new social media space they can claim as their own. That space is shaping up to be TikTok. Ad opportunities are still relatively limited, but you would be wise to be an early adopter of this platform before the algorithm rears its ugly head here too.

4. Get to Know Your Fans 

Make Insights Work for You

Facebook for Business has a resource center called Blueprint that offers tons of free eCourses and certificates you can earn to help grow your digital marketing abilities through Facebook and Instagram. Over the summer, Facebook added nearly 30 courses that cover everything from growing a business Page to editing the copy in your Facebook ad and how to select the best visuals. When Facebook tells you what works on their platforms, you should probably listen.

5. Recruit Top Players with Personalization 

Slide into Someone’s DMs in 2020

Private and direct messaging continue to grow in popularity on social media. DMs are taking the place of calling a customer service representative, so potential and existing customers expect their questions and requests to be responded to personally and in a timely manner. As a result of this, chatbots are growing and more people feel comfortable reaching out to strangers on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

6. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Partner-up with Key Players in Your Arena

Collaboration over competition is going to continue to be the theme in 2020. Team up with an influencer on Instagram. Invite bloggers to contribute to your group boards on Pinterest. Do a Facebook Live interview with an expert on your Business Page. Increase your exposure and your network through valuable partnerships and engagement from both audience and theirs.

7. Give Back with Donate Buttons

Give Your Customers a Cause to Care About

If you run a nonprofit, or if you simply partner up with a charity or cause that your consumers would care to get involved with, Facebook and Instagram have made it easier to donate. Instagram stories already offered “donate” stickers in Stories, but Facebook has jumped on the sticker bandwagon too. Additionally, Instagram now makes it possible for nonprofit organizations to add a “donate” button to their business profile.

These are just the highlights of the major changes of 2019 and how you can use them to execute a stellar social media game plan for 2020. For a full highlight reel of all the biggest 2019 changes per social platform and our complete playbook on where to spend your social media time and energy and how, download the &Marketing 2020 Social Media Playbook for FREE below.

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