Webinar Recap: How to Build Relationships on LinkedIn During Quarantine – With Brynne Tillman & Rajat Kapur

Written By &Marketing

On April 8, 2020

LinkedIn has always been a powerful source for networking, and it’s become even more critical today as we navigate social distancing and the impact of the Coronavirus. However, given the sensitivity and uncertainty of the times, many are unsure of how to remain connected with their prospects, clients, COIs, and broader network.

Last week, &Marketing’s Founder and Managing Director, Rajat Kapur and Brynne Tillman, CEO of Social Sales Link and LinkedIn expert, hosted a webinar exploring How to Build Relationships on LinkedIn During Quarantine.  What we are experiencing now is unprecedented and we have no playbook to give us any guidance. During this webinar, Raj and Brynne discussed why now, more than ever, it’s important to remain connected, provide empathy, and be a trusted resource. 

The biggest takeaways were:

  • How to communicate about COVID-19 with empathy, because as you know it’s not business as usual.
  • Immediate actionable tips and tricks from LinkedIn.

  • How to engage with past prospects and partners.

  • How to lead to selling but not lead WITH selling.

  • Why video is a powerful tool and content vehicle, especially during this time.

  • Why there is no excuse to spam contacts or be too salesy.

  • How to generate new and relevant content ideas.

  • Countertrends rising in the midst of COVID-19::

    • Increase in digital products

    • Rise in remote workers

For a more detailed discussion of these topics as well as the Q&A, we encourage you to watch the full webinar here.

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