Webinar Recap: The Leftovers: How to Wake up and Re-Energize Abandoned Leads

Written By &Marketing

On April 30, 2020

Do you abandon prospects when they turn down your proposal after the first meeting? 

44% of salespeople give up on warming their leads after just one rejection. Appealing to this group feels daunting, especially if you aren’t sure how to pique their interest or don’t have the time to reach out individually. But what if there was a simple and seamless way to wake up those prospects and liven their level of excitement about your product or service?

During this 45-minute webinar, Dexter Burgess, our Marketing Manager and resident automation expert, and Paul Ferguson, our Marketing Director with 14 years of B2B of Marketing experience, walked us through how to wake up those dormant leads. In this webinar, they shared:

  • The single easiest, most effective way to target disengaged contacts (or closed lost leads)
  • How to create a customized email journey based on prospects interests and behaviors
  • How to leverage a sales funnel to warm up these cold contacts
  • How to continue to follow up and reawaken these leads with a single click of a button

For a more detailed discussion of these topics as well as the Q&A, we encourage you to watch the full webinar here

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