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Launch My Customer Advisory Council

Customer Advisory Councils can create formal and informal interactions of a company’s top customers or prospects to provide a platform for them to deliver open and honest feedback. &Marketing has extensive experience in creating, planning, and facilitating Customer Advisory Councils for small companies through global conglomerates in a variety of industries.  The goal of this eBook is to provide a framework for companies considering launching their own Customer Advisory Council.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why a business needs a Customer Advisory Council

  • Why your customers should participate (What’s in it for them?)

  • Where to Start:  How to launch a Customer Advisory Council, including the format, invite lists, and setting an intriguing agenda.  

  • How a successful Customer Advisory Council works: dos and don’ts

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Optimize My LinkedIn

With 500+ million global business users, LinkedIn has changed the landscape for personal and business communication. The old mentality used to be that LinkedIn’s use was limited to job seeking; However, in today’s reality, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to interact and share information with cross industry professionals.  Still, scores of professionals don’t have profiles set up, and many existing profiles are substandard, missing out on an opportunity to portray a professional in the best possible light. After reading, you’ll understand:

  • The Value of an updated LinkedIn profile to you and your company

  • How to create an authentic and influential LinkedIn profile

  • Key areas to improve and optimize your LinkedIn

  • & more!

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What's Your SuperPower?

At &Marketing, we understand that how you frame your message is key to how your clients—and prospects—see you. That’s why we’re proud to share this handy guide on uncovering and promoting your unique superpowers, written by our very own Chris “The Brain.” After reading, you’ll understand:

  • The top three messaging mistakes smart people make

  • How to help a prospect work with you before they make a big commitment

  • Valuable insights on what you’re *actually* selling

  • How to better discuss your unique position

  • & more!