Virtual Marketing Strategy & Execution: Your Outsourced Marketing Department 


Your “Virtual” Marketing Department: Strategy & Execution 

In today’s fast-paced world, many small and medium sized companies need experienced senior level marketing strategy support to navigate a complicated industry landscape. Decision makers of all types find information and process their choices in dramatically different ways than they used to, and as a result, companies need outside advice to develop and execute an effective marketing strategy.  

Fortunately, accessing an outsourced or fractional “Chief Marketing Officer” or “VP of Marketing” has never been easier.  &Marketing has a wide network of marketing experts, from the most seasoned industry specialist to a reliable ‘extra set of hands’ – all available on a flexible basis.  Here are a sample of different types of engagements that our team has undertaken:


Typical Profile

Sample Respsonbilities

Vice President of Marketing
Chief Marketing Officer
Fractional CMO

20+ years experience; senior level; expansive network and strong reputation

  • Develop overall company growth plans & assist with strategic planning
  • Create and support company advisory boards
  • Develop Innovation Roadmaps
  • Create and support customer advisory boards and councils
  • Shape company positioning
  • Align marketing plans cross-functionally


10-15 years experience; strong reputation and references; successfully led many large projects

  • Develop marketing strategies to achieve company objectives
  • Identify key market and industry trends
  • Lead company wide segmentation and value proposition development
  • Drive cross-functional alignment internally based on marketplace needs


4-7 years experience; strong references and examples

  • Implement marketing programs at the direction of more senior level decision makers
  • Conduct research
  • Test various marketing tactics to measure and optimize ROI

Coordinator / Associate / Administrator

Junior level or part-time; strong references

  • Execute marketing tasks at the direction of more senior-level decision-makers
Additionally, &Marketing has close relationships with senior-level advisors who can provide industry or task-specific expertise for projects.  

How Does An Outsourced Marketing Department Work? What’s a Fractional CMO?

Our Marketing experts are available on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or project specific basis to help develop your marketing strategy, align your marketing programs to your company’s growth, and help execute it.

A typical marketing strategy project:

  • Lasts 3-6 months and has a specific set of objectives
  • Includes a mix of regular meetings and conference calls plus ad hoc email and phone assistance (with an agreed upon range of hours)

  • Is usually billed as a ‘recurring’ expense to allow our clients (and team) predictability

For clients who need flexibility (smaller clients, those without marketing departments, or those going through major transformations):

  • Ongoing support based on a ‘bank’ of hours each week or month (as little as 5-7 hours per month to as much as 20+ hours per week)

  • Marketing support is available for a wide range of activities:

    • Regular meetings, conference calls, or ad hoc email and phone assistance.

    • Strategic advice and assistance – as a sounding board, to assist with research, segmentation, value proposition & messaging, etc

    • Develop marketing plans and help execute them – emails, social media, analytics, reporting, etc

    • Customer, investor, or board meetings (preparation, attendance, presentation, facilitation, etc)

  • Is usually billed as a ‘recurring’ expense to allow our clients (and team) predictability

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