& Operates a flexible model for our clients:

We have a small core team that is augmented by additional talent as the need arises so you're able to access a vast amount of resources that can meet virtually any budget


&'s Team

Rajat Kapur
Rajat Kapur
Rajat Kapur

Managing Director


As the Managing Director of &Marketing, Raj strives to provide SMBs unparalleled marketing strategy and execution services. Raj has over 15+ years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing, sales, and strategy. He has led 100+ high-profile marketing strategy projects for Global 100 to mid-sized clients and has over a decade with General Electric and General Mills.

Dexter Burgess
Dexter Burgess
Dexter Burgess

Marketing Manager


As Marketing Manager, Dex takes the lead on implementing new tactics and promoting change through data-driven results. Also, Dex helps maintain client-side relations through consistent communication and positive feedback. He has recently graduated from Butler University, double majoring in Marketing and Management Information Systems (MIS).

Melissa Garretson
Melissa Garretson
Melissa Garretson



Melissa Garretson is a copywriter and editor with dedication to detail and an affinity for alliteration. Thanks to extensive experience in marketing and education, Melissa excels at crafting compelling copy that conveys information in an entertaining and actionable way. She has written and edited extensively for large, multinational companies, small family businesses, and everything in between.


Melissa holds degrees in history and secondary education from Temple University, where she won the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research and the Mary Procida Prize in Gender and History.

Chris "The Brain"
Chris "The Brain"
Chris "The Brain"

Mascot & Mentor


Chris "The Brain" the official mascot and marketing mentor for &Marketing. Chris has worked behind the scenes as a consultant and strategist for dozens of organizations, but comes out from behind the curtains to do seminars, workshops, and educational content.


Despite having a cartoonish personality, you can rest assured he is a real person. You can see his videos, live presentations, and subscribe to his podcast at christhebrain.com. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for his own appearances and contributions.

Senior Level Advisory

& is honored to have senior level advisory to guide our efforts.

Rahul Kapur

35+ years experience in marketing, strategy, business development, M&A, and restructuring across several industries

Prateek Lal

Founder and Managing Director of Adept Packaging, a full-service packaging development and engineering firm

Joseph Welsh

Attorney, Consultant, lecturer and senior advisor with 35 years experience in government relations, business law, organizational development

Jay Kastan

 Sales expert with decades of experience spanning multiple companies and industries

Access to Experts

&Marketing collaborates with over 20 experienced professionals who have a wide range of deep expertise. Our team has experience in several areas:

 - 15+ years of global experience with Fortune 100 companies
 - Business leaders with 20+ years of marketing, sales, and operations experience
 - 15+ Years of experience in retail, apparel, airline, and CPG industries