Outsourced Marketing Experts to Develop and Execute Your EOS® Marketing Strategy

Our uniqueness is helping you determine yours to drive results.

A Marketing Partner as Focused & Accountable as Your Own Team 

Companies running an &Marketing EOS® marketing strategy have a clear vision, established plan, and the built-in flexibility to scale and adapt no matter what challenges or opportunities arise. But having this laser focus doesn’t mean anything without solid execution. You’ve established bold EOS® goals, but need help defining your marketing seat. That’s where we come in.

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Elevating Digital Marketing for EOS® Companies

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) is a set of simple, practical concepts and tools that help businesses clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. &Marketing’s EOS® Marketing strategy is built upon the core strength of the company, eliminating the temptation of trying to be everything to everyone. You get a seasoned, fractional CMO and a team of digital experts to help you uncover your three uniques, use them to develop a value-driven strategy, and then creatively execute in the right places, at the right time. We’ll not only see it through to fruition, but so will you — with full transparency into your progress and success every step of the way.

The Six Key Components of the &Marketing EOS Model®

A battle-tested fCMO will ensure everyone in the organization is aligned with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

Be surrounded by ROI-driven experts and creatives. Because achieving a great vision requires a great team — from top to bottom.

Let’s strip out all the opinions, personalities and egos to reveal only the objective metrics that matter.

We’ll set up and break down barriers together to help you become expert problem solvers in the face of any marketing challenge.

As an extension of your leadership team, your fCMO will help systemize your marketing department to ensure consistency and scalability across the entire organization.

EOS Traction®. 
We promise to keep accountability and discipline at the core of every step along the journey with real-time tracking and viewer-friendly reporting.

Common marketing challenges of companies running on EOS®:

  1. Your marketing seat is empty, and you don’t know where to start
  2. Your marketing leader isn’t strategic or digital-first, and you’re not getting the results you need
  3. You’re wasting money on agencies or “one-person” marketing departments
  4. Your marketing department is overwhelmed, outdated, or just needs more support

Delivering an EOS® Marketing Strategy with a Proven Process

Our digital marketing experts at &Marketing have in-depth, first-hand experience working with companies to take advantage of the full transformative power of an EOS® marketing strategy. We’ve developed a system that capitalizes on the accountability that EOS® provides to deliver distinct, measurable results.

1. Align Your Vision and Rocks to Establish Your Marketing Goals

Led by a hand-selected Fractional CMO, we’ll help you identify your scorecard measurements based on your company’s growth targets. Keeping a pulse on these key performance indicators will help you achieve each of those targets in the most effective and purposeful way.

2. Creating & Executing Your EOS® Marketing Strategy

We’ll help you uncover your company’s three uniques as the bedrock of all your marketing efforts. We’ll craft a creative and strategic plan incorporating your EOS® scorecard items, target audiences, and competitor research, and then handle the practical execution across every channel and platform.

3. Enforcing Accountability Through Tracking & Reporting

We’ll monitor your metrics for you to see how you’re performing against your unique EOS® targets at a granular level, while providing customized, real-time reports that offer clarity and understanding.

4. Making Smarter Decisions, Together

Every month, we’ll review the performance of your marketing efforts, offering recommendations on how to improve and making calculated adjustments to maximize the success of your investments.

Creating Action through Accountability — Seamlessly

At &Marketing, we’re on a mission to accelerate growth in ambitious companies. And because you run on EOS®, that’s exactly who you are. Working with us doesn’t feel like outsourcing — we’re simply an extension of your team, seamlessly integrating our digital marketing expertise through natural collaboration and practical execution. Our goal is to make your marketing efforts align with your company’s operating system by offering the full capabilities of a modern marketing department, right sized for your company. Because when everyone within your company is focused on the same goals, the possibilities for growth and success are endless.