Case Study: How We Implemented a Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

Business Challenge Summary

A healthcare technology company (BUDDI AI) whose target audience is C-level healthcare executives was poised for major growth in 2020. However, they recognized they needed to enhance their digital presence to raise brand awareness and generate leads.

Like many growing businesses, they did not have the time or resources to hire an internal marketing team to drive strategy. Instead, they enlisted &Marketing’s help to grow brand awareness and drive leads.

Due to the product offering’s complex nature, the company needed help developing it’s message, honing its brand voice, and identifying digital marketing opportunities. The specific goal was to generate 30 new leads across two months.

The &Marketing team worked with BUDDI AI to quickly understand our technology platform and develop messaging based on data and Business Intelligence. During this time of rapid growth for our company, they found a way to harness the power of our own data and leverage it to get in front of the right audiences and decision-makers. This directly impacted our ability to more than double our lead generation goals in less than three months.

Ram Swaminathan

Co-Founder & Chief Architect, BUDDI AI

&Marketing’s Approach

BUDDI AI enlisted &Marketing for a Business Intelligence and Analytics project to understand the competitive digital landscape and develop a marketing strategy to serve as the building block for their digital presence. Improvements would include content, digital advertising, website, and SEO.

We conducted internal and external research to better understand BUDDI AI’s business, goals, target audience, value proposition, and competitor landscape through:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • A comprehensive review of background materials shared from the BUDDI AI team
  • A high-level audit of competitor websites and messaging

The Business Intelligence output formed the foundation for BUDDI AI’s key messaging, audience profile/segments, and value proposition using our Storytelling & Branding framework.

Because BUDDI AI had engaged with us halfway through a website revamp, we had a significant opportunity to forge a holistic, data-driven marketing strategy using:

  • Keyword-rich content
  • Improved organic presence
  • Enhanced tracking and reporting


We helped BUDDI AI more than double their total lead generation goal of 30 leads in two months, bringing in 64. Cost-per-lead on both LinkedIn and paid search was optimized and stayed well within limits.

We continued to support BUDDI AI on further projects. Using Business Intelligence as a foundation, &Marketing developed an integrated marketing approach that included website updates, SEO enhancements, lead generation and further segmentation and messaging work to reach decision-makers as their business expanded.

About &Marketing:

&Marketing provides the robust outsourced marketing department growing companies need without the high overhead costs of big agencies or full-time employees. Our variable model empowers businesses to reach their growth goals through access to the guidance and expertise of senior level strategists and a flexible execution team.