&Marketing Case Study: Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy Simplified

Business Challenge Summary

A cutting-edge healthcare technology company (BUDDI.AI), whose target audience includes C-level healthcare executives, was poised for major growth in 2021. However, they were playing in a fragmented competitive landscape that would require them to creatively “break through the noise” in order to build and maintain brand awareness, drive lead generation, and achieve tangible results. To become a true thought leader and partner of choice in the industry, they needed to enhance their digital presence.

Like many growing businesses, this client had neither the time nor the resources to hire an internal team to drive the level of marketing strategy and execution needed in order to achieve success. They also struggled with bringing an unknown concept to market and helping potential customers understand the value that it brings to their companies.

The &Marketing team worked with BUDDI AI to quickly understand our technology platform and develop messaging based on data and Business Intelligence. During this time of rapid growth for our company, they found a way to harness the power of our own data and leverage it to get in front of the right audiences and decision-makers. This directly impacted our ability to more than double our lead generation goals in less than three months.

Ram Swaminathan

Co-Founder & Chief Architect, BUDDI AI

&Marketing’s Approach

Internal Discovery & Immersion

Due to the complexity and newness of the company and its product, a foundational “reset” was first needed, to create consistency and alignment within the company itself and ensure their positioning and messaging was delivered in a way that would resonate with their target audience. This discovery phase consisted of:

  • A comprehensive review of backgrounding documents from the client
  • Several internal stakeholder interviews and exercises
  • Supplemental secondary customer research
  • A high-level audit of competitor websites and messaging

&Marketing used this as fuel to build the following foundational outputs:

  • Audience segmentation, customer research, and identification of pain points
  • Brand voice and tonality/personality for each audience segment
  • Value proposition and key message document, using our Storytelling & Branding framework
  • The customer journey
  • Alignment on success goals and KPIs (metrics)

 Business Intelligence

To identify digital marketing opportunities and create the building blocks for a comprehensive strategy and execution plan, &Marketing needed to first understand A) the target audience’s behavior online and B) the competitive digital landscape. To do this, we ran a Business Intelligence and Analytics project for this client to review and assess the digital online landscape:

  • Keyword Striking Distance Analysis: Identifying top keyword opportunities based on current rankings
  • Enhanced Competitive Analysis: Identifying competitor strengths and opportunities in which Buddi could steal their online market share
  • Nontraditional Competitor Analysis: understanding where our target audience is going to consume information about our product/service that are NOT competitors.
  • People Also Ask” Research: Related online searches that may provide less expensive opportunities to rank or advertise for that reach our audience at each stage of the sales funnel

This research served as the building blocks for a future comprehensive strategy and execution plan that would include content, digital advertising, website enhancements, and SEO optimization.

Execution & Reporting

Discovery and Immersion combined with Business Intelligence data allowed &Marketing to create sophisticated, yet engaging content, automated email campaigns and highly targeted paid advertising on Google and LinkedIn helped to drive website traffic, lead generation efforts, and overall brand awareness.


In four and half months, we helped BUDDI.AI generate 253 qualified leads at cost per lead of $121 – more than double their goal and all within their budget!

Additionally, we helped increase website traffic 434% compared to the previous period, furthering BUDDI.AI’s presence amongst the marketplace.

We continued to support this client as their business expanded with new products and audiences.A comprehensive marketing strategy was developed that included digital marketing, social media exposure, website and SEO enhancements, content creation, sales enablement, email automation, and a lead generation plan that expanded their brand awareness and accelerated their sales efforts.

Are you facing challenges of your own in generating leads and meeting your business’s growth goals?

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