Commercial Due Diligence from Digital Marketing Experts

A Full Commercial Due Diligence Process to Bring Clarity to Your Marketing — from Strategy to Execution

&Marketing will help you uncover the story behind the numbers through a comprehensive deep dive into your commerical operations, value proposition, customer experience, and more. Our marketing experts will assess your existing market presence and develop a comprehensive growth plan, driven by your key objectives and customized to your existing teams and processes.

Uncover the Value, Risk & Potential of Your Business

Guided by a Fractional CMO, our digital marketing experts lead your due diligence to uncover hidden opportunities and implement practical growth strategies to drive your business forward. Our digital-first fCMOs take full responsibility of your commercial due diligence, utilizing our team of market research experts to conduct customer and consumer interviews by phone, online and in-person.

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When Commercial Due Diligence Makes Sense

  • Your business needs to elevate its marketing to remain competitive in the digital age, but you lack the team or resources to conduct a proper commercial due diligence and execute on the solutions it reveals.
  • You are looking for a fresh, independent perspective of your internal commercial operations, marketing strategy, business tactics, and more.
  • You’ve never invested in marketing and have no idea where to start — especially in today’s complex and fast-moving digital ecosystem.
  • Your business is in the startup phase and need a jump start on your growth plan but may not have the budget to hire an in-house marketing executive and team.
  • You’re dissatisfied with your current marketing strategy/department and need a reset to get back on track and accelerate growth.
  • You’re launching new products or services, or expanding into a new customer base and need a strategy in place.
  • You’re a private equity firm needing pre-acquisition advisory or post-acquisition clarity on a new investment to best position it for long-term success.

What Our Process Looks Like

Analyze Market Position

Review your company’s positioning against your competition to verify your value, uniqueness, and growth potential, establish your target audiences and markets, and map out your core competencies to determine whether the company has sustainable competitive advantage.

Explore Customer Insights

Interview current and previous customers in regard to why they purchased, their level of satisfaction, reasons for leaving, and more to understand whether your products and services are compelling and unique in their perspective.

Perform a Digital Deep Dive

Quantify your current digital presence and how it compares to your competitors’ by evaluating website content and functionality, conducting interviews with key marketing and sales managers, and conducting in-depth analysis of approaches and effectiveness within the market

Evaluate Marketing Capabilities

Review all your marketing materials and conduct interviews with your internal team to outline your strengths and weaknesses versus where your external opportunities lie, and recommend appropriate improvements and adjustments to your department’s structure.

What You Don’t Get from Other Due Diligence Experts

A Single Point of Responsibility.

Unlike other experts who take over your due diligence and then leave it to you or hand it off to a third party to execute, &Marketing can see it through to fruition.

A Team of Digital Experts to Execute.

Our commercial due diligence services not only provide a battle-tested fractional CMO with proven experience both in external consultancy and leading internal departments, but also a full team of digital marketing experts who can ensure every facet of your strategy is connected and executed in the most effective way.

A Flexible Committment.

Use our cross-functional expertise in whatever capacity you need, through an engagement that’s based on an “on-demand” model and personalized to your company’s specific needs.