Transportation Industry Marketing Research and Analysis

&Marketing’s client partner is an IT company that specializes in the reduction of turnover and cost of hires for companies across industries. They build longstanding partnerships with employers looking to hire local, qualified talent. The professional driver industry is growing steadily and rapidly in the USA, with 6% annual projected growth over the next five years. These companies are also facing challenges attracting and retaining qualified drivers, which makes them a potential fit for our client. The overall goal was to use this analysis as part of a broader effort to obtain further funding to support the company’s growth.

Business Challenge Summary

With a leadership team preparing the company for expansion, our client partner looked to conduct a market sizing and opportunity analysis for the hiring market for professional drivers in the United States. They faced a lack of empirical knowledge and internal resources to conduct the analysis, so they turned to &Marketing for resources, intelligence and strategic tools to help make an informed decision to how to grow within the hiring market for drivers, which faced strict regulatory requirements, high turnover, and a myriad of new entrants.

&Marketing’s Approach

Through a data-driven approach, &Marketing was able to provide an insightful analysis of the transportation sector in order to empower this client to better understand which pockets of the industry were growing, what types of companies made up the industry, examples of companies in each sub-sector, and the basic needs of each group of potential employees.

The &Marketing team conducted internal client interviews, mined publicly available data sources, and searched through the subscription-based service Statista to gather data and create a revenue model. The goals were to showcase:

  • The overall size of the market (number of drivers)

  • How the market subdivided itself based on the need for driver certifications & qualifications, types of drivers, and other factors
  • The distinct composition and unique needs of each segment of drivers

This analysis also included customer lists for each segment, major trends surrounding them, and a revenue model to calculate potential client opportunity. &Marketing concluded this market research and analysis by delivering a recommended pilot program for a specific business unit, displaying the market potential and paving the way for the rest of the business units.


The comprehensive data and segmentation &Marketing provided equipped the client partner with the research results and confidence they needed to present this market opportunity to their investors. In parallel, our client partner is in the process of rolling out a go-to-market strategy in the transportation industry uncovered through this analysis and is specifically approaching the companies most likely to benefit from their unique offer. Further, &Marketing assisted in improving their investor presentation so it told a clear story and was visually impactful.

Researched Data on Market Size and Employee Trends


Created Market Segments Based on Qualification Criteria


Identified Target Companies in Each Segment and Their Hiring Needs

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