Outsourced CMO Services for Private Equity Firms

An outsourced digital marketing team approach led by a fractional CMO

Our outsourced CMO services for private equity firms ensure sustainable success for your acquisition by tapping into the full executive power of a Chief Marketing Officer with the support of an expert digital marketing team. Whether its pre- or post-acquision digital due diligence, temporary executive support, or a long-term team approach, our flexible model has you covered.

Why More Private Equity Firms are Outsourcing CMO-led Marketing Teams

Hiring an outsourced CMO can offer invaluable unbiased clarity into your company’s current position and future potential with the marketing experts to creatively see it to fruition. Gain invaluable clarity and leverage the power of an executively-led team of digital experts who can help your portfolio company blaze new trails to long-term success in today’s digital age.

Our Process

strategic roadmap

Choose from our Network of Battle-Proven FCMOs

Match your portfolio company’s needs with one of our 40+ digital-first, fractional CMOs, ensuring alignment by industry, company maturity, size, goals, and more.

value prop

Determine Your Pre- or Post-Acquisition Needs 

Together, we’ll create flexible engagement that’s customized to your phase of acquisition, key success criteria, timeline, and more. 

marketing planning

Kick Off Your Digital Due Diligence

After kickoff with your fCMO, we’ll begin assessing your acquisition’s current digital presence and uncover opportunities to accelerate growth, with regular check-ins to track progress and adjust along the way.

A Fractional CMO to Lead Your Digital Due Diligence

Whether your acquisition lacks a foundational growth strategy or execution resources, our pre- or post-acquisition digital due diligence will uncover the truth behind the numbers to offer clarity into your investment. Our seasoned fCMOs utilize their proven experience and success across industries to develop a robust roadmap for growth, while our digital marketing specialists are capable of handling the entire execution of your post-acquisition marketing plan to drive meaningful results.

What to Expect from Our Digitally-Driven Marketing Experts

Full Strategy & Execution with a Fractional Mindset

Receive pre- or post-acquisition advisory through hybrid or on-demand models that allow you to delegate full responsibility in the areas you need most.

Battle-Tested & ROI-driven

Each of our fCMOs bring over 20 years of proven experience both in-house and on the agency side — from strategy to execution of your growth marketing plan

Digital Expertise

Our digital-first CMOs and outsourced marketing teams are experts in what works today. They focus on practical execution to help maximize the best solutions for portfolio company growth in today’s digital age.

Customized Selection Process

Connect with any of our 40+ digital-first fCMOs in a customized selection process, allowing you to find the right fit for your niche offering, industry, and goals.

A Personalized Engagement

Fill an employment gap and gain a fresh, independent perspective into your portfolio company’s digital presence through a customized commitment that meets your needs.

A Flexible Investment

Get the full advantage of a seasoned CMO to accelerate your growth without the full-time salary or benefits.

Just a Few of Our Successes with PE Companies

strategic roadmap

Increased Qualified Leads by 5x for a PE backed SaaS Business

value prop

Scaled Revenue from $15M to $34M and Increased Profit for Distribution Company Preparing for Exit

marketing planning

Increased Sales from $10m to $22m for PE-backed CPG F&B Company

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