Webinar Recap: How to Drive Online Sales Using Meaningful Messaging

Written By &Marketing

On June 23, 2020

Are you putting your best online foot forward to attract and retain your target audience?

Many small and growing businesses are pivoting their strategies right now to leverage the power of a modern online presence. Whether you have an outdated website, are struggling to drive traffic to your platform, or are unable to convert casual visitors into buyers, getting your product or service in front of the right people and compelling them to take action are two pivotal components of being successful in this current environment. 

&Marketing Managing Director, Rajat Kapur along with Creative Director, Matt Vincent, and Content Manager, Beth McDonough, recently presented a webinar on how to think holistically when optimizing your brand’s online experience to drive sales. During this webinar, attendees learned:

  • How to align your unique brand story with your company’s positioning to help your target customer solve their core challenge
  • How the typical website visitor behaves in 2020
  • Why it’s important to ensure your brand’s visual identity aligns with your narrative
  • How to drive meaningful traffic to your site using a blend of no-cost to low-cost tactics
  • What elements you should consider adding to your website to drive sales

For a more detailed discussion of these topics, we encourage you to watch the full webinar replay!

About Rajat Kapur

As the Managing Director of &Marketing (and-marketing.com), Rajat “Raj” Kapur strives to provide small, medium, and mid-market businesses unparalleled marketing strategy and execution services. His team of professionals can either augment an existing team, or outsource the marketing function for a client.

Raj brings nearly 2 decades of professional experience in marketing, sales, & strategy development experience spanning B2B and B2C Fortune 50, mid-sized, & small companies.

About Beth McDonough

Content Manager and Copywriter Beth McDonough brings nearly a decade of professional writing and editing to the team at &Marketing. With extensive experience in an array of fields that range from entertainment publications to a Fortune 500 energy company, Beth has the ability to produce written content that speaks directly to the needs of a breadth of clients and channel their brand personality into a compelling story.

About Matt Vincent

Matt Vincent is &Marketing’s resident creative genius, turning each client’s vision into reality through carefully constructed designs and illustrations. Matt has an uncanny ability to read between the lines and understand what really makes a business special, then translate into graphic form.

Matt has worked in digital illustration and graphic design for over 6 years for a variety of clients, including IGN Entertainment and Salesforce.

About &Marketing

In today’s fast paced world, many growing businesses are struggling to modernize their marketing approaches because either they don’t have the expertise or the bandwidth to do it themselves.

&Marketing provides seasoned marketing strategy professionals and a nimble execution team to help our clients achieve their goals. Our unique partnership model allows us to augment our client’s existing teams or outsource the entire marketing function in an affordable, flexible, and transparent way.