Webinar: Cause Marketing & Strategic Philanthropy: A Differentiator in Today’s Competitive Market

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On July 20, 2021

Humans are driven by feelings. So, if you want the consumer to remember your product or brand, they must be engaged and impassioned by the interaction with your company.

Gerald Zaltman

Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard Business School; Executive Committee of Harvard University's Mind, Brain, and Behavior Interfaculty Initiative

Now, more than ever, brands are looking for opportunities to volunteer their time or donate to causes.

But is that enough in today’s social climate?

An Edleman study found that 64% of consumers around the world would buy or boycott a brand solely because of its position on a social or political issue. As they put it, consumers now “buy on beliefs.”

The days of businesses skirting social issues are over.

Enter Cause Marketing, a strategic marriage between a company and a cause based on shared purpose, values, missions or histories. Both groups realize a positive result, because the process is thoughtful and intentional.

Big corporations with big budgets have harnessed cause marketing for decades with great success. But for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the barriers to entry seem daunting:

  • Limited budget and personnel
  • Difficulty choosing an issue/cause among so many

This is the impetus for our upcoming webinar, “Cause Marketing & Strategic Philanthropy: A Competitive Edge for SMBs.”

sHow SMBs Can Create an Effective Cause Marketing Campaign

Watch Darren Sudman, Founder & CEO of Unless Agency, and Melissa Margis Kapur, Community Relations & Philanthropy Lead at &Marketing, deliver an interactive webinar and Q&A session that covers:

1) Why to select the causes that align with your values, and initiate partnerships that enable mutual benefit
2) How SMBs can gain a competitive edge by using cause marketing, with a focus on three core areas:

Whether your company is looking to enhance its existing cause marketing program or build one from the ground up, we hope you’ll watch!

  • Culture: 89% of companies that sponsor volunteer activities say it enables a better working environment for employees (Deloitte Volunteerism Study).
  • Purpose: 89% of companies say that creating a strong sense of collective purpose drives employee satisfaction (Harvard Business Review).
  • Profit: Cause marketing builds brand equity and strengthens relationships with consumers. 84.3% of consumers are more likely to remain loyal to a brand whose values align with their own. Additionally, 73% of companies that thoughtfully take action on issues say it has not only improved the community, but has also increased profits (Edelman Trust Barometer).


About the Speakers


Darren Sudman

Darren Sudman is founder and CEO of Unless Agency, a Philadelphia-based entity helping companies imagine and implement cause marketing campaigns. This endeavor is the culmination of a professional journey and personal tragedy. Darren began his career as a lawyer in 1995. In 2000, he joined the business unit at America Online (AOL) and, through the Helping Hands Initiative, saw what happened when a company embraced philanthropy. Later, Darren would help design and implement a cause marketing campaign at Advanta, which encouraged small business credit card holders to support entrepreneurs around the world by offering a match.

In 2012, Darren’s career path took a sharp turn. A few years earlier, his three month old son died, suddenly and unexpectedly. He and his wife co-founded Simon’s Heart, an organization to prevent sudden cardiac arrest and death in children, teens and young adults. After running it on nights and weekends for seven years, he assumed the role of Executive Director, where he created innovative and lifesaving initiatives, including cause marketing campaigns with The Philadelphia Flyers, Wheels Up, Speedo and Scrub Daddy.

Now, through Unless, Darren leverages his passion, purpose, and creativity for the benefit of other companies.

Melissa Margis Kapur

Melissa Kapur is the Community Relations & Philanthropy Lead at &Marketing. With a background in promotions, public relations and marketing, Melissa has been working on community-based marketing programs for 25 years. Her career has spanned small businesses, non-profits, and food retailers and manufacturers. Her specialty is crafting marketing events and public relations programs on a small budget.

About Unless Agency

Unless is a creative agency developed exclusively to connect companies and causes in a meaningful way through cause marketing, focused philanthropy, and mission building. We find a cause that aligns with your company, and then create a partnership that will differentiate you from the competition, and attract and retain the best talent.

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