Free eBook: 5 Ways Business
Intelligence & Analytics Will
Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy

Learn how to make faster and more strategic business and marketing decisions rooted in data, not doubt.

20 years ago, it was nearly impossible to prove the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts. With minimal data and a digital marketing landscape that was still in its infancy, the metrics you could derive from campaigns were rudimentary at best. Today’s landscape, however, has dramatically changed due to the rise and continued evolution of digital technology. We now have a wealth of data at our fingertips from all marketing channels. With the right strategies and tools, we can combine this data and transform it into actionable insights, which is known as business intelligence (BI). BI helps us be smarter about the strategies and tactics we choose, and how we execute them. It also enables us to demonstrate marketing ROI.

This FREE eBook will show you how to use BI & Analytics to:

  • Understand your audience on a deeper level by analyzing their online behavior
  • Identify and correct wasted digital advertising spend in minutes (hint: you could be wasting up to 33% of your budget – what would you do with that extra money?)
  • Attract qualified leads to your website with an advanced SEO strategy
  • Revitalize your direct mail strategy and generate significant results (Hint: direct mail is not dead)
  • Create content that converts (and be able to prove it!)

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