Initial Marketing Analysis

Successful marketing requires consistent review of ongoing marketing tactics to identifying opportunities. Companies that are unaware of their blind spots routinely fail to address critical marketing problems, and often lose out on many opportunities in the process. An unbiased review of your marketing tactics will bring new insights to your team to boost your marketing efforts. 

At &Marketing, we constantly look for new ways to improve marketing campaigns and are please to offer an initial marketing analysis. Our initial marketing analysis is a surface level report covering core digital marketing strategies as well as any offline marketing strategies that are related to your business challenges. If you are interested in learning more, contact &Marketing for an Initial Marketing Analysis.

The Initial Marketing Analysis contains three sections that can give a company an unbiased perspective on opportunity areas: SEO & Organic Traffic Analysis, Website Review, Social Media Review, and a competitive website review.


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SEO Keyword and Organic Traffic Analysis

Traffic comes to your website brings from searches on Google. Often, companies rank high for searches containing their brand or company names. However, many smaller or medium sized companies fail to rank on Google for keywords related to their products or services. Top performing websites drive organic website traffic from a broad set of keywords and important phrases.

In our Initial Marketing Analysis, we cover the top keyword phrases searched on Google that drive traffic to your website. Our team pulls a report covering all keywords and assesses whether there is opportunity to hone in on new keywords or attempt to improve traffic and ranking on existing keywords. 

Website Review

In today’s world, a website is the digital business card for your brand. Most of the time, SMBs have built a basic website, but may lack features to either keep people on the site or collect visitor’s information. A high performing website will have a frequently updated content section and extensive educational information about their products / services.

&Marketing’s initial marketing analysis provides insights on the design and structure of your website, pointing out positive attributes and opportunities to help improve your target audience’s experience and identifies key areas where improvement may help drive further business results. 

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Social Media Review

In today’s connected world, a social media provides a great avenue to quickly engage with your online audience. The upkeep for a successful social media account requires weekly, if not daily, attention and should be utilized alongside your marketing efforts. Most often, social media accounts are best utilized when there are frequent updates, with attractive imagery and links back your website.

Our Initial Marketing Analysis covers the basics of which social media accounts your company utilizes and which platforms may be beneficial for generating business results . The report also reviews potential room for improvement on social accounts (likes, followers, etc) and the posts that have been previously made to the account. 

Competitive Analysis

in the digital context, it’s crucial to know whether your competition is outpacing you or falling behind, and can be a good barometer to improve your own marketing efforts. Often, marketing strategy and execution can be improved majorly by simply reviewing competitor tactics and making appropriate adjustments

As part of the Initial Marketing Analysis, our team will quickly assess 2-3 of your key competitors to provide insights on possible improvements in your marketing efforts. Our Initial Marketing Analysis will let you know how well - or how poorly - your competitors are doing on the core digital marketing elements.

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