Shey Brusca | Marketing Manager

Marketing Planning & Execution

With over two decades of experience shaping marketing campaigns, Shey Brusca brings a thoughtful and strategic approach to &Marketing’s initiatives. In her role as Marketing Manager, she specializes in steering the marketing efforts for the fCMO community, showcasing her dedication to crafting and executing robust marketing strategies. Beyond her role in developing compelling campaigns, Shey plays a pivotal role in guiding creative direction for clients. Her keen eye for detail and design ensures that every marketing endeavor aligns seamlessly with brand identity and client objectives. Simultaneously, her insight into analytics and reporting enhances the team’s ability to measure and optimize campaign performance to drive revenue growth.

Before joining &Marketing, Shey was primarily rooted in the financial services industry. Her experience in this sector has endowed her with a unique perspective on strategic marketing within a regulated environment. Additionally, Shey extends her expertise to local small businesses in Philadelphia, offering freelance marketing services that contribute to growth within her community.