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Case Study: Transportation Industry Marketing Research and Analysis

&Marketing’s client partner is an IT company that specializes in the reduction of turnover and cost of hires for companies across industries. Their focus matching employees and employers for longstanding and profitable partnerships. The professional driver industry is rising steadily and rapidly in the USA, with 6% annual projected growth over the next five years, with companies facing challenges attracting and retaining qualified drivers. Through secondary market research strategies, &Marketing was able to provide a deep analysis of the sector to provide insight into this industry in order to empower this client with the data to obtain further funding to serve this sector.

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Case Study: Specialty Food Company’s eCommerce Growth Strategy

Our client partner is a rapidly growing organic snack foods company with distribution in several regional and national retailers, including nation-wide club stores. Their organic growth has been driven by high-quality, delicious products and a compelling and engaging origin story. As a result of their success, this small company needed to professionalize their marketing with a variety of skills, but faced a limited budget.

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What Marketing Can and Can’t Do

Often, the reason people hate their marketing is because of bad expectations.

&Marketing’s Chris “The Brain” was recently invited to speak at the Boone County Home and Business Expo in Lebanon, IN on Digital Marketing. The video and article is an excerpt of his opening talk on what marketing can and can’t do as a whole. It is an important concept for anyone to understand before they invest in marketing.

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Don’t be a Hero (The Story Isn’t About You)

When companies make themselves the hero instead of their customer, they create direct competition for the lead role in someone else’s story. Remember, none of us feel as motivated when we’re sidelined to supporting roles instead of starring. Let’s break down how you, as a brand, can take control over who your hero really is and how you can be the solution to their problem.

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Point of View: What are Marketing Leaders’ Top Priorities for 2019?

According to a recently released infographic from CMO Council that was featured on MarketingProfs, more than 100 senior marketers (CMOs, SVPs of marketing, etc.) indicated that improving go-to-market processes and digital marketing capabilities are top priorities for 2019. According to the infographic, 40% of all respondents said that improving their go-to-market processes and digital marketing efforts were their top priority, and 33% said finding new sources of revenue and improving retention/monetization.

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What We Learned From attending Natural Products Expo West

Natural Products Expo West was held last month from March 5-9th in Anaheim, California. These few days were filled with education, exhibition, thought leadership, and networking from some of the rising stars and established names in the natural product industry. I attended this year to support existing client partners, scope out emerging trends, and learn more about this rapidly growing niche. Here are my 5 biggest takeaways from Natural Products Expo West.

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Understanding and Utilizing Google Analytics Goals

Are you tracking the actions taken on your brand’s website? Google Analytics is a free tool that provides baseline metrics for your site and, when utilized correctly, can help you further determine how people interact with it. Through Google Analytics Goals, any organizations can set up customizable actions across a website. Setting up goals for the primary actions users will take on your site is pivotal for segmenting analytics data based on those actions, which gives you insight into what’s attracting and converting customers and what’s not.

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Tale as Old as Time: Why Story Should Matter to Your Business

A popular sentiment in marketing today is, “stories sell.” But how? This directive is like the equivalent of a gym owner simply saying, “you should work out.”

Without the proper motivation, guidance, and game plan, most of us don’t know where to start with either of these. If you don’t have a trainer, an exercise plan, and a nutrition guide, you’re far less likely to succeed in your journey to fitness. The same goes with storytelling. We need a roadmap.

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Case Study: Lead Generation, Inside Sales, and e-Book in Booming e-Commerce Industry

&Marketing’s client partner, Gray Falkon ( is an expert in combating third-party sellers on Amazon and has a mission to share their expertise with companies that would most benefit from learning about gray market anti-counterfeiting best practices. Gray Falkon's approach helps brands of all sizes reduce unauthorized resellers on platforms like Amazon by as much as 50% in just a couple of weeks. They focus on targeting gray market products and unauthorized third-party sellers.

Gray Falkon needed to build awareness to drive awareness and leads,  so they turned to &Marketing to assist with the creation and distribution of new branded content to get their services known by the decision makers who matter.

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Case Study: Integrating eCommerce to Grow Revenue

Joe’s Next Door ( is a gourmet sandwich restaurant located in downtown Carmel, IN. Their delicious, award-winning sandwiches drew the crowds in but they were losing business due to the delay in prep time, which turned off midday patrons who need to grab lunch in a hurry.  To overcome this issue of speed, they needed an easy system for customers to order ahead online so they can “pick-up and go.” They turned to &Marketing to help design their eCommerce site and integrate it with their kitchen to create a seamless lunchtime experience for both  the hardworking staff and their hungry customers.

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Three Ways to Monitor & Maintain Your Paid Search Account for Maximum Results

Google (and I guess Bing) make it easy to setup and run paid search campaigns, often times people think if you build your paid search account and campaigns, the money will come...without maintaining and monitoring the field. Unfortunately, that’s just not the way the world works.

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Putting 2018 in the Books and Setting the Foundation for Your 2019 Marketing Strategy

Fact: 93% of marketing leaders are under pressure to deliver measurable marketing ROI.  So, given that 2018 is almost over, it’s likely that you’re facing some tough questions.  With less than two months left, it’s time to evaluate where you stand vs your 2018 goals and determine how you can finish strong. Of course, the next step is to set a plan to set your organization up for success in 2019.

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