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What Instagram’s New Like Button Ban Means for Influencers and Small Businesses

Instagram is testing a new feature that could have major implications for marketers, influencers, and retailers all over the world. Over the summer Facebook announced that Instagram would be removing the ability of others to see the total number of likes and video views in Instagram posts in their feeds. Users will still be able to access these numbers for their own posts, just not anyone else’s.

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6 Influencer Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

When we think of influencer marketing, large established brands collaborating with high-profile macro-influencers often come to mind. But how does influencing work for the rest of us? Roughly 30 million small businesses make up 99% of the total firms in the US.  These businesses don’t have celebrity endorsement-sized budgets!  Should the small players still engage in the game of influencer marketing?

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