Simplifying Marketing Automation with &Marketing and SharpSpring

SharpSpring’s marketing automation platform has changed the dynamic in which businesses can interact with consumers, through a variety of automated marketing strategies. With a diverse set of tools, SharpSpring enables business owners to track, build, and maintain customer relationships through one platform. Still, nearly half of all companies do not use marketing automation, and are missing the opportunity to nurture leads into conversions.

&Marketing has partnered with SharpSpring to make marketing automation easier than ever.  In this marketing automation guide, &Marketing and SharpSpring identify key automated marketing functionalities that can be used within the SharpSpring platform. After reading, you will understand:

  • Tips to improve your lead generation and nurturing campaigns.

  • Key marketing automation terms and definitions

  • SharpSpring functionality and how you can utilize

  • What automated marketing tools may be critical to your business.

Looking for additional tips on marketing automation? We can help. &Marketing combines the power of strategy and execution to help deliver engaging content and share information with an online audience.