The Benefits of Working with a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

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On May 24, 2023

We’re happy to announce that &Marketing is officially certified as an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) through the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)!

These certifications are increasingly essential for credibility and validation in today’s business climate. Additionally, many organizations have Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion procurement requirements (or preferences). There are a variety of benefits of working with an MBE, so let’s break those down.

What Does It Mean to be MBE Certified?

An MBE certification means the business is primarily owned by an individual who is a minority and has applied for and received a minority-owned business certificate from the NMSDC. Minority group members are United States citizens who are Asian-Indian, Native American, Black, Asian-Pacific, and Hispanic. Ownership by minority individuals means the minority individuals own at least 51% or, in the case of a publicly owned business, one or more such individuals own at least 51% of the stock.

The Benefits of Working with an MBE

Partnering with a certified MBE offers many benefits and opportunities, like allowing you to tap into new perspectives and fresh takes. It can also help your business grow and help your company culture evolve toward more diversity and inclusion. Here are some more specifics about the benefits of working with an MBE:

Tax Incentives

The U.S. government offers many state and federal tax incentives, breaks, and rebates to organizations that partner with MBEs. In addition, MBEs themselves are eligible for tax liability reduction for projects funded by state and federal grants and loans.

Additional Revenue

In addition to maximizing your profit margin through tax incentives, you can expand your client base to a larger demographic. With 23 affiliate nationwide regional councils and over 1,450 corporate members like Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, and FedEx, the NMSDC helps connect over 12,000 certified MBEs to an extensive network of corporate members looking to meet diversity spend requirements. NMSDC certification for programs designed to help eliminate barriers to participation in public-sector contracts is accepted by 17 states and 25 cities. Most states have specific targets and set aside contracts just for MBEs.

Many NMSDC and MBE-related events and conferences also bring other MBEs and larger organizations together around the U.S. to help both expand their networks. In addition, many MBEs are well-connected to other local businesses and can access training programs, mentorship programs, and workshops that allow them to bring more innovative strategies and cost savings measures to your business.

Showing Support for Diverse Communities

Partnering with an MBE helps you foster diversity and support minority communities. It allows your organization to build a more diverse clientele. It brings insight that can help you offer that clientele even more value. MBEs offer innovation that can help you stand out from your competitors, and they can help your business with brand recognition and community outreach so you can help strengthen the community you do business in.

Interested in Partnering with an MBE?

If you have an opportunity that requires MBE certification, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are excited to use our unique viewpoint to help organizations meet their diversity spending requirements, support more diverse communities, drive more revenue, and innovate in their industry. To learn more about how we can help you drive long-term success, contact &Marketing today.

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