How a Solopreneur Broke Through the Marketing Noise With &Marketing U

Written By &Marketing

On February 4, 2021

As a seasoned career and executive coach who launched his own operation after 25 years at Johnson & Johnson, Ken Sher understands the dilemma well. After deciding to leverage his expert coaching and leadership skills to help people find their next job opportunity, Ken realized he needed to sharpen his marketing skills to grow his business.

Like so many solopreneurs, Ken struggled to find enough time in his day to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing trends and tools. He described most of his marketing efforts as “doing things as they came up” and felt like his hard work amounted to a “scattershot approach” that lacked consistency. Sound familiar?

It wasn’t that Ken didn’t know what to do, it was that he didn’t know how to do it. As Ken felt his marketing knowledge plateau, he knew he needed help taking his small business to the next level. When he learned &Marketing was launching a pilot program called &Marketing U that offered the tools, education, and accountability he needed to take his marketing game up a notch, he was in.

Throughout the program, Ken gained foundational marketing knowledge and learned how to apply that knowledge to his specific marketing needs through:

  • Honing his messaging
  • Implementing SEO best practices
  • Creating a content marketing strategy

Today, marketing your brand is more important than ever as people are extremely discerning regarding where they spend their money. This program is great in showing you how to build and execute a marketing plan that is based on developing a winning message, targeting the right audience, tracking the impact of your efforts and leading to increased sales… I highly recommend it to any company who is looking to improve their marketing efforts without the major expense of investing in building or expanding their marketing department.

Ken Sher

By tracking all of this in a comprehensive marketing calendar, Ken was able to align and execute all of his efforts consistently. This made it easy for Ken to know exactly what to do every day to keep things moving forward.

Since enrolling in &Marketing U and working through each of the modules, Ken reported a major uptick in both LinkedIn activity and requests for meetings. He found so much success in applying the foundations and focusing his efforts that his calendar is now completely full, and his business revenue goals are within reach.

“In less than a month after finishing the course, my calendar is fully booked. The clarity and consistency I received from &Marketing U helped me gain more traction and reach more prospective clients.” 

Ken Sher

No individual has the bandwidth to stay on top of the changing trends all the time — yet so many one-person marketers are expected to. We created &Marketing U because we know it feels impossible to stay on top of the best trends and tactics, know where your time and energy should go, and execute in a way that works with the time you have.

We know a little direction from the right people can go a long way, so we designed this program so help making doing it all not seem so daunting. We have distilled the most effective marketing strategies and tools into bite-sized lessons that make a big impact so that no matter how much extra time or budget you have — you can grow your small business like Ken did.

If you’re a one person marketing department or solopreneur, we invite you to enroll in &Marketing U. You’ll learn exactly how to create and execute a concrete marketing plan to grow your business for a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing agency or new employees.

Want to sample our course materials first? Download our content marketing eBook or watch our webinar where &Marketing U’s team of expert coaches share valuable tips about developing and implementing a marketing program in 2021, specifically for “solo marketer” businesses.

P.S – Know someone who is looking for their next career opportunity? Reach out to our &Marketing U alumni at and get a complimentary coaching session from Ken.

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