Premier Roofing Company Transforms with Fractional CMOs

Premier Roofing Company Transforms with Fractional CMOs

Premier Roofing Company Transforms with Fractional CMOs

Premier Roofing Company leveraged fractional CMOs to rapidly establish a marketing department, generate significant leads and revenue, and transform company culture from door-to-door sales to a multi-channel marketing approach.

Business Challenge Summary

Premier Roofing, a PE-backed company, faced the challenge of increasing revenue quickly under new CEO Luke Marklin. The mandate was clear: achieve rapid growth and scale operations efficiently. The company needed to establish a strong internal marketing team. Transitioning from a traditional door-to-door sales strategy to a comprehensive multi-channel marketing approach was essential for achieving their ambitious goals.

Hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) through a typical executive search process would take 4-5 months—time Premier Roofing didn’t have. They required immediate expertise to drive their marketing strategy and execution.

&Marketing’s Approach

After engaging with &Marketing, Premier Roofing realized fractional CMO services would provide a faster, lower-risk solution. This approach allowed them to quickly build a marketing team and start executing their new strategy through:

  • A Quick Hiring Process: In less than four weeks, two fractional CMOs, Andrea and Bruce, joined Premier Roofing. Andrea took the lead in building the marketing team, while Bruce focused on developing their digital marketing foundation.
  • Customer Research: Andrea and Bruce conducted extensive customer research to inform upcoming branding changes and ensure the new marketing strategies aligned with customer needs and preferences.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing System: A robust multi-channel performance marketing system was developed from scratch, transitioning Premier Roofing from reliance on door-to-door sales to a diversified marketing approach that included digital, social, and traditional channels.

The Results

1. Integrated Seamlessly with the Leadership Team

Andrea and Bruce became integral members of Premier Roofing’s leadership team. They attended key meetings and collaborated closely with leadership and staff across the company, ensuring alignment and buy-in for the new marketing initiatives.

2. Increased Lead Generation and Revenue

The new multi-channel marketing strategy generated hundreds of new leads per month. Premier Roofing projected a significant revenue increase, estimated at $3-5 million for the year.

3. Experienced a Cultural Shift

The company experienced a cultural transformation. The sales and operations teams embraced marketing-generated leads, adapting to new processes and ensuring they could handle and convert the influx of new leads effectively.

By leveraging fractional CMO services, Premier Roofing successfully transitioned to a multi-channel marketing approach, built a strong internal marketing team, and achieved significant revenue growth. Their experience demonstrates the power of agile marketing leadership in driving business transformation.

Bringing in Andrea and Bruce as fractional CMOs was a game-changer for Premier Roofing. Their expertise allowed us to quickly build a marketing team, generate leads, and significantly impact our revenue. They seamlessly integrated with our leadership team and helped transform our company culture to embrace new growth channels. The results speak for themselves, and we are excited about the future.

Luke Marklin

CEO, Premier Roofing Company


What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is an experienced marketing executive who works part-time with a company. They provide strategic marketing leadership and expertise without the cost and commitment of a full-time CMO.

How can Fractional CMO services benefit a roofing company?

Fractional CMO services can benefit a roofing company by quickly establishing a robust marketing department, implementing effective multi-channel marketing strategies, generating leads, and increasing revenue without the lengthy and costly process of hiring a full-time CMO.

Why did Premier Roofing choose &Marketing for Fractional CMO services?

Premier Roofing chose &Marketing for their expertise in providing agile and effective fractional CMO services. &Marketing quickly integrated experienced CMOs into Premier Roofing’s team, helping them achieve their marketing and revenue goals rapidly.

How quickly can a Fractional CMO start making an impact?

A Fractional CMO can start making an impact almost immediately. In the case of Premier Roofing, &Marketing’s fCMOs began leading the marketing efforts and developing a new strategy within just four weeks of engagement.

Can a Fractional CMO help with customer research?

Yes, a fractional CMO can conduct extensive customer research to guide branding and marketing strategies, ensuring the company’s marketing efforts are aligned with customer needs and preferences.

What industries can benefit from Fractional CMO services?

Fractional CMO services can benefit a wide range of industries, including home services, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. Any company looking to rapidly scale their marketing efforts and drive growth can benefit from the expertise of a Fractional CMO.

How do I know if my company needs a Fractional CMO?

Your company may need a Fractional CMO if you are looking to quickly scale your marketing efforts, need strategic marketing leadership, want to implement multi-channel marketing strategies, and are facing constraints or do not need to hire a full-time CMO. Take our 5 minute quiz to find out if a Fractional CMO makes sense for your business.

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