Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Calculator

Stop guessing about the ROAS of your digital advertising strategy

How to Use Our ROAS Calculator

  1. Input your advertising costs, impressions, clicks, and conversions from Google Ads
  2. Enter your revenue from ads conversions and the anticipated number of lifetime sales from each customer
  3. See your cost per impression, cost per click, and cost per conversion.
  4. See your ROAS – short term & lifetime.
  5. Enter your email and get a free digital advertising audit from us to learn how you can achieve maximum results for your advertising efforts!

Successful marketing strategies are rooted in data, and ROAS is one of your top performance indicator metrics for digital advertising. With multiple channels, such as Social, Referral, and Paid Search, ROAS will help you determine which acquisition source will help you achieve your business goals.

Using &Marketing’s ROAS Calculator is your first step toward optimizing digital advertising to reach your business goals. This calculator will help you determine your short-term and long-term ROAS to understand campaign performance. Remember, every brand and industry will have its own “good” ROAS. If your ROAS is low, you might increase ad spend to get a better return. On the other hand, if your ROAS is high, you may consider how to keep the campaign performing well and look into ways to mimic that effort in lower ROAS campaigns.

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