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Here’s The Google Ads Mistake That Too Many Marketers Make

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, even the simplest of “tweaks” to your ad campaigns can generate the biggest gains. Too often, though, marketers rely on their “gut” or perception of what their audience wants to see, rather than the boatload of data that is readily available to help make evidence-based decisions. Why? Because organizing and understanding this data is cumbersome. Additionally, marketers often fall prey to the misconception that by following Google’s recommendations and SMART Bidding, they are automatically optimizing their accounts.

If you’re running a Google Ads campaign, chances are you’re wasting money.

Seer Interactive found that, on average, 12.5 percent of paid search budgets are spent on keywords or search terms that are either irrelevant to a company’s product/service, or aren’t converting (one of our clients had more than 30% of wasted spend!) Let’s say your monthly budget is $1,000 ($12,000 per year). That’s an estimated $1,500 in wasted spend (a month and half’s worth of budget!). What could you do with that extra $1,500? What if you could re-allocate it to search terms that had already proven to drive results? Think about how much more quickly you could achieve your goals.

If you only gloss over your data and focus on vanity metrics, then strategizing, crafting, and executing a paid search campaign that drives significant results (within your budget) will be nearly impossible. It’s an art in that it requires compelling writing, but it’s a science in that the approach must be rooted in data.

With Business Intelligence & Analytics, we can help you estimate how much you’re wasting.

Did you know it can take up to 250 hours to evaluate 6,000 search queries manually? Our BI & Analytics team can do this in just 30 minutes, and help uncover inefficient paid search spend. From there, we are able to:

  • Catch under-performing or irrelevant keywords at scale, the first time, so they are negated immediately
  • Reallocate those savings towards the keywords that are driving conversions

Below, we provide two approaches for auditing your Google Ads account. The first is by using our calculator, which you can do directly! The second is a more comprehensive (but free!) audit that &Marketing will run for you.

How to Use Our PPC Inefficiency Audit Calculator

For the “quick and dirty” way to estimate your wasted ad spend in minutes, try out our free calculator by following the instructions below.

  1. Enter your monthly PPC Spend
  2. Enter your current conversion rate
  3. Enter your average cost per click
  4. Review the estimated monthly wasted spend and number of additional clicks and conversions that you’re missing out on*

*Note, this is not an exact science. For a more detailed analysis, upload your Search Terms and we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis using our advanced Business Intelligence & Analytics tools.

How to conduct a comprehensive PPC inefficiency audit with &Marketing

Identifying how much money you’re wasting in your PPC campaigns is just the first step. Our comprehensive PPC inefficiency audit takes all keywords and search terms and reviews them at scale to identify:

  • Where you’re wasting money on irrelevant terms
  • Where you’re losing money on targeted keywords that aren’t performing well via paid ads (but could be organically)
  • Which terms you SHOULD add that you currently aren’t targeting

All you need to do is follow the steps below, and we’ll take care of the rest. Once we provide you with the data, you’ll be equipped to negate irrelevant keywords and reapply savings to high-converting search terms!

Download search terms and keywords reports for the past month’s data from Google Ads.

Securely upload those two files in our PPC Calculator (we’ll delete it once we’re finished!)

We’ll review those terms with our properietary tools and email you the results.

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