&Marketing’s Values

&Marketing Values Puzzle-01.png
Culture is taken very seriously at &Marketing, and we build it directly into the hiring and prospect onboarding process. Potential employees interview with current employees, even if that teammate is decades younger! Similarly, &Marketing has declined to work with clients due to cultural mismatches. To me, life is too short to work with people that you don’t enjoy being around or are ‘in it for themselves.’
— Rajat Kapur, Managing Director


We know that we reach our goals faster, better, and more efficiently when we work as a team—from the very beginning of each project. We may mostly work alone in remote locations, but we are never flying solo. Our noncompetitive, encouraging teammates are always maximizing each other’s strengths and jumping in wherever needed.  Sure, we use modern tools such as Slack and Trello to communicate and keep things moving, but for us, collaboration is a mentality that all of us together can produce a better result than any of us alone. It’s is the thread the ties all of our subsequent values together.

&Marketing’s diverse team embodies and continually fosters a collaborative spirit in everything we do, creating a cohesive culture that is a keystone to our success. Each person’s skill set is a like a puzzle piece - requiring others to complete the picture for our clients
— Beth McDonough



Technology and its applications are changing by the minute, but at &Marketing, innovation means more than being tech savvy. We are always learning and applying fresh ideas on a daily basis, and the & team stays on the cutting edge to create value for our clients. We believe that taking risks, staying educated, and learning from every outcome inspires creativity.

Our team is constantly looking for sources of new ideas for successful campaigns. We’re willing to try new things and push the envelope.  One of our internal metrics is to ‘celebrate’ and learn from failures so we can all get better without pointing fingers. To us, failure simply opens a door for new ideas.
— Dexter Burgess


True, we at &Marketing enjoy a flexible schedule that allows us to work wherever and whenever we want, simultaneously and beautifully meeting deadlines and making time for the demands and special moments of daily life. We work 9-5. We work at 2am. We take days off without guilt and come back stronger and more focused than ever. Our flexibility also shines with our clients—no two clients are the same, and we always customize our skills and offerings to the unique marketing needs each organization has. There’s nothing cookie cutter about us!

As a working mom, &Marketing allows me to do satisfying work but also have the flexibility to be there for my family. The culture at &Marketing allows myself and others to meet the demands of both professional and personal lives.
— Tracey Colla



What you see is what you get with &Marketing. We pride ourselves on honest communication, ethical standards, and quality work. Authenticity is not always easy; sometimes it means telling people things they don’t want to hear. For example: if we can’t complete a project to our high standards, we won’t take it on. And while we’re the first to encourage great ideas, we’re not afraid to tell clients and teammates when their idea is... well, maybe not so good. Honesty is always the best policy!

Everyone at &Marketing wants to help our clients succeed, and that genuine nature shows in everything we do - from our constant innovation and improvements, to the transparency of our workflows and projects.
— Justin Gover