Job Description

This is a full or part-time junior-level graphic design position with plenty of growth opportunities for an aspiring professional in the greater Indianapolis area.  This position is focused on creating dynamic and varied visual content for our clients and their audiences, with an emphasis on strong visual impact and resonant storytelling. You will be working in a remote environment with other members of our team to distill the essence of our clients’ brands and effectively communicate their messages.  You will be expected to craft design solutions in a variety of styles for a number of different marketing applications (display ads, social posts, email marketing, promotional material, website content, etc) under the direction and coaching of our Creative Director. Most of all, as a small team, collaboration is critical in our culture. We will work together to help our clients succeed and give guidance along the way. 

Career Path

This position is perfect if you are seeking a career in graphic design supporting diverse clients and learning new marketing applications.


  • Available for 20+ hours per week, with the ability to collaborate in-person (including   client-facing) as necessary; potential for full time for the right candidate 

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in graphic design, visual communications, or a similar field of study (if your bachelor’s degree is in something else, that’s okay. BUT you need to show an equivalent amount of design experience (3-5 years) with a killer resume and a powerful portfolio)

  • Proven knowledge of:

    • Adobe Creative Suite (Specifically: Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop)

    • Web Design

    • Design work in the context of marketing

  • Ability to work and adapt to growing multiple software applications:

    • Basic Executive Skills: email, scheduling, etc

    • G Suite, Microsoft Office, Google Analytics

    • Asana,  Slack, SharpSpring

  • Bonus skills:

    • Squarespace 

    • Bannersnack

    • Wireframes

    • Illustration

    • Animation

    • Branding and Logo Design

  • Industry

    • Marketing & Advertising

    • Graphic Design

    • Design

  • Important! This position is remote the majority of the work week, with only 1-2 in-office days per week at our Zionsville location. That means “casual Friday” is now “casual Monday-Friday!!”


  • Design Work: You’re a versatile artist with the ability to multitask and work on multiple projects in multiple mediums throughout the workday. You’re capable of striking a balance between strategically targeted and aesthetically compelling digital (and occasionally print) designs for all of our clients, in a plethora of industries, with diverse audiences.

  • Collaboration: You’re an active participant in meetings, responsive to taking instruction from the creative director and clients, and a natural at working together with copywriters and other marketing managers at all project stages. You can carry on constructive conversations via Slack, Phone, Video Conference, and email.

  • Jack-of-All-Mediums: We know design unicorns don’t exist, but you’ll still need to demonstrate a versatile design skillset and the ability to create visual messaging for all of our project mediums, which include (but aren’t limited to): digital and print advertising, social media posts, email marketing, digital and print marketing materials, and website assets. (Bonus Points if you are experienced in wireframing, site design, and know your way around Squarespace.) (Double Bonus Points if you’ve heard of and used the principles of Storybranding by Donald Miller).

  • The Devil is in the Details: You’re detail-oriented; the kind of person who “measures twice and cuts once.” Even if you didn’t write the content, you’re not afraid to keep an eye out for typos, grammatical errors, and run-on sentences. Branding is holy ground for you, so you double-check your fonts and colors religiously.

  • Consummate Professional: You’re a pro at meeting deadlines, keeping design projects on-track and on-budget, recording your time, and keeping all relevant team members informed about your progress and roadblocks. 

  • Clear Communication: As a team spread across multiple states and time zones, effective and clear communication is key. We won’t flood your inbox with questions and requests, and we won’t ask that you canvas your workspace with post-it notes to keep track of projects. We use Slack to stay in touch on a day-to-day basis, and we keep projects in Asana so that you can find what you need to get the work done. Even though we utilize modern tech to talk, we aren’t afraid of picking up the phone either. 

About &Marketing

&Marketing (www.and-marketing.com) works with small, medium, and mid-market businesses to modernize their marketing approaches. We are a team of strategy and marketing experts who will take the time to understand the unique elements of our clients’ business, and then develop and execute a custom go-to-market program to achieve their growth goals. &Marketing provides the 'right size' solution for our clients; some clients use us for a single service such as social or digital marketing, while others fully entrust &Marketing to be their outsourced marketing department. We are based in Philadelphia, PA and Indianapolis, IN with collaborators scattered across the United States.