Industrial, Safety, & MRO

We Know Safety

Our staff is made up of a variety of past senior executives from companies like 3M, Aearo, GE, and P&G who provide extensive experience and institutional knowledge. Under their counsel, &Marketing has refined its approach to Safety, MRO and Industrial marketplaces.



We are a marketing partner who can augment your team's capabilities in a low risk, cost-effective way, helping generate sales momentum and sparking business growth.



Our team adapts its level of involvement to suit your specific needs, serving as a temporary, part, or full-time source of Marketing Management and Support. We can partner to build your strategy from the ground up or simply serve as a tactical resource for quick, professional execution.



We will work together to align our incentives on a win-win basis, meaning that you face a lower initial cost which we only recoup by generating leads who turn into successful clients / new customer for you.

Common Challenges

We understand how seemingly simple questions can have complex answers. &Marketing has the staffing and tools necessary to develop effective and consistent Marketing programs, sparing you the time, energy, and overhead costs. Our team is here to help you overcome traditional barriers to Marketing excellence:


  • - Recurring distractions (fire-fighting)
  • - Small or non-existent in-house marketing resources
  • - An Ever-Evolving Marketplace - rapid growth and changing demographics

Meaningful Results