Marketing in Safety & Industrial

Modern marketing in industrial and safety is challenging for smaller and medium sized manufacturers and distributors for a myriad of reasons. Much larger competitors have larger innovation teams and marketing budgets, and competing against them can seem daunting. However, there are several tried and true strategies that can help differentiate a manufacturer or distributor in these markets:

  • Focus on your uniqueness - Clearly communicating what makes your business different can have a profound impact, whether that be Geography, a limited number of industry verticals, or a limited number of products.

  • Target small to medium sized customers - Your much larger competitors do not have the staffing and relationships to adequately meet the needs of smaller accounts. Not only are there significant opportunities at these customers, but these customers are often willing to pay extra for personalized services that your larger competitors cannot provide.

  • Don't just push product - Provide holistic solutions and great service: Mega-distributors and manufacturers may have larger budgets, but lack 'boots on the ground' flexibility to provide custom solutions to practical challenges. Be responsive, creative, and solve their everyday issues - don't just 'take orders.'

  • Market smarter - Just because you don't have a large marketing budget, does not mean that you cannot attract customers in today's digital world. Using strong content and communicating that through your website, email, and social media consistently will like produce returns.

  • Inside sales - Many smaller companies don't understand the power of 'keeping in touch' with their former customers. Executing phone call and email programs can build awareness of new products and programs, and can act as a simple reminder to place an order.

  • Sell without selling: Networking - There is no substitute for building a name in your industry or local geography as an expert. What larger companies see as a waste of time, can provide significant long term ROI if done well for smaller companies.

Common Challenges

We understand how seemingly simple questions can have complex answers. &Marketing has the staffing and tools necessary to develop effective and consistent Marketing programs, sparing you time, energy, and overhead costs. Our team is here to help you overcome traditional barriers to Marketing excellence:

  • Recurring distractions (fire-fighting)

  • Small or nonexistent in-house Marketing resources

  • An ever-evolving and fast-paced marketplace

  • Rapid growth and changing demographics

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We Know Industrial and Safety

We bring a variety of past senior executives serving global companies in the industrial and safety sectors (such as 3M, Aearo, General Electric, and DuPont) who have extensive experience and institutional knowledge. Under their counsel, &Marketing has refined its approach to Industrial, Safety, and MRO marketplaces:



We are a marketing partner who can augment your team’s capabilities in a low risk, cost effective way, helping generate sales momentum and sparking business growth.



Our team adapts its level of involvement to suit your specific needs, serving as a temporary, part, or full-time source of Marketing management and support. We can partner to build your strategy from the ground up or simply serve as a tactical resource for quick, professional execution.


We will work together to align our incentives on a win-win basis, meaning that you face a lower initial cost which we only recoup by generating leads who turn into successful clients/new customers for you.

&Marketing is proud to be a Safety Network Partner

As a (formerly Safety Marketing Group) partner, &Marketing proudly provides marketing expertise to SafetyNetwork, their distributors, and other members.

As a (formerly Safety Marketing Group) partner, &Marketing proudly provides marketing expertise to SafetyNetwork, their distributors, and other members.

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&Marketing's Experience with Industrial Manufacturers & Distributors